Duo Bundle Le Mini


This Duo Bundle consists of two umbrellas of the Le Mini model. Choose your two favourite colours to fully live out your cloudy adventure!

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The trickster and practical, it goes everywhere.

The Mini is the smallest of the Beau Nuage umbrellas. It's a folding umbrella with exceptional value for money.

Measuring just over 18cm and weighing less than 250g, it is a mini umbrella, but it is strong enough to withstand the wind.

As for every one of Beau Nuage’s umbrellas, Le Mini is supplied with an absorbent cover, whose three-layers technology allows you to put your wet umbrella into a bag or a pocket and keep it dry.

It is recommended to shake the umbrella well before storing it in its cover. After use, it is advised to turn the cover inside out and leave the umbrella open to facilitate drying.

Thanks to its wide range of colours, it can be classified as a woman's umbrella as well as a man's umbrella.

NB. Each Beau Nuage umbrella has its own unique name! You can find it on the back of its label.


Folded umbrella size: 18,5cm
Weight of the umbrella inside the cover: 225g