The Beau Nuage adventure - The French startup that will make you love the rain

The adventure of two young French people who want you to love the rain. Thanks to it's patented concept of absorbent umbrella cover, the French startup wants to become the reference for rain accessories.

Umbrellas in London

It all started in 2016 in London. Two young people from the south of France, Antoine and Aurélien, for whom rain is a fundamental problem, were studying there.

One evening when they were going to the restaurant, they were in the pouring rain. They thought that in the 21st century, it should be possible to create a quality umbrella that doesn't clutter when it gets wet!


Then, they came up with the idea of inventing an absorbent umbrella cover. They worked to create a quality umbrella that will always be accompanied by its absorbent cover.

That's how they created the Beau Nuage concept, trendy umbrellas with their absorbent cover, which will match your outfit in all seasons.

Patented technology

The absorbent cover is made from a three-layer technology that allows, to absorb drops from the umbrella with micro-fibre, but also to prevent the drops from coming out of the cover and to wet the outside of the cover.

This technology allows you to store your rainwater in a dry place and keep it close to you at all times in your bag or in an pocket.

This technology is no patented in France and Europe.

Great start

The commercialisation of the umbrellas began in 2016.

Antoine and Aurélien went around France to canvass stores, door to door, which allowed them to have several points of sale throughout France.
In just a few months, the brand had already sold thousands of umbrellas and had a hundred partner stores.

At the same time, the concept was very popular and the media wanted to talk about it because they found that the invention was elementary and simplified people's rainy lives.
Beau Nuage appeared in several newspapers, as well as on several television shows.


This beautiful success of the umbrellas has pushed the brand to diversify by always revisiting other rain accessories with style and innovation.
This is where the Beau Nuage backpack was born, a backpack made with materials inspired by the canvas of our umbrellas making it waterproof and anti-theft thanks to its opening at the back.

The Beau Nuage backpack matches the colours of the umbrellas perfectly. Moreover, it is the first accessory 100% made in France.


Today Beau Nuage's ambition is to become the reference brand  for rain accessories by creating a whole range of rain products. 
The brand currently offers umbrellas with their absorbent cover and backpacks, but it does not intend to stop there. Beau Nuage is constantly working to reinvent other rain accessories.

Beyond this objective, the goal is intangible, to make people love the rain, to make their daily lives better on rainy days.

Umbrella Ben

The BEN (British European) umbrella is an umbrella that makes a reference to the Brexit campaign. Antoine and Aurélien, very attached to the United Kingdom and Europe, created an umbrella on this occasion. They made a video presenting the small Anglo-European umbrella walking around London.

This video was a success and was reported in the media.

The adventure continues through the media

We are very happy that Beau Nuage umbrellas have been featured on both television and radio
as well as in acclaimed newspapers!