The Beau Nuage commitment

We have engaged with several associations to give meaning to our cloudy adventure. 


Rain and water are the heart of the Beau Nuage adventure.

We try to bring joy and poetry on rainy days, but we must not forget that water is a vital element to which many people in the world have limited or no access.

It was only logical for us to work with an organisation that would help these people. We are proud to be partnership with the non-profit organisation Solidarités International, which has been fighting for everyone to get access to drinking water for more than 35 years!
From June 2019, we have been donating a percentage of the revenue for each rainy product ordered on our website. This equates to 12 hours of access to drinking water for a whole household per product!


Folding umbrellas are often of poor workmanship, cannot resist in windy conditions and have a very short useful life. To avoid these inconveniences at all cost, Beau Nuage attaches particular importance to the manufacture, the choice of materials but also and above all to the quality control of each of its umbrellas. We are now the only umbrella brand to test 100% of our umbrellas. 

This work is carried out in partnership with La Fondation des Amis de l'Atelier, which employs people with disabilities (ESAT de Vitry-Sur-Seine). They meticulously control and test each umbrella and each Beau Nuage cover. They are the guarantors of the proper functioning and quality finish of all our cloudy products. 


Our minimum quality thresholds require the Fondation des Amis de l'Atelier to set aside certain umbrellas when they have a small defect.

To avoid waste and help people in need, we made the choice to donate all our unusable Beau Nuage products to the association Ma Ressourcerie. Once there, they are sorted by people reintegrating into the labour force and volunteers.

Umbrellas that are too damaged are then recycled, but all those with minor damage are given to organisation who then sell the umbrellas for extremely reduced prices to people in need. Thanks to these processes, all our Beau Nuage umbrellas have a lengthy life!