Couple Bundle L'Original

Our Couple bundle, consisting of two umbrellas of the Original model. Chose your two favourite colours to fully live out your cloudy adventure !

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Our iconic umbrella! Its special feature? 

A memory foam handle that perfectly adapts to the shape of your hand!

Its thick canopy (200 threads/in2) has a Teflon®coating, repealing water effectively. 

As for every one of Beau Nuage’s umbrellas, l’Original is supplied with an absorbent cover, whose three-layers technology allows you to put your wet umbrella into a bag or a pocket and keep it dry.

NB. Each Beau Nuage umbrella has its own unique name! You can find it on the back of its label...


Folded umbrella size: 20.5cm
Weight of the umbrella inside the cover: 350g