The Beau Nuage backpacks - waterproof and anti-theft

The Beau Nuage backpacks are waterproof, anti-theft and entirely made in France!

You can't leave without checking our umbrellas and their absorbent cover...
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The questions everyone's asking

1) What makes our backpacks waterproof?

As rain lovers, it’s only natural that our backpacks are 100% waterproof.

To do that, took on the challenge of creating a bag with the same fabric as our umbrella canopies. The big advantage of our umbrella canopies is that they repel water very effectively. Raindrops will slide off the bag, leaving the contents dry!

Similarly to the three-layer technology of our umbrella covers, we have also coated the fabric with a thick waterproof material underneath. This gives a nice shape to the bag and guarantees that no rain drop can lick through.

Voilà…you’ll never have to worry about your belongings as long as they stay in your Beau Nuage backpack!

2) What makes our backpack anti-theft?

As you know, every Beau Nuage accessory is designed to make your life easier.
Our anti-theft innovation is the main opening being situated at the back of the bag. Clever isnt it ? This simple but highly effective innovation featuyre means that your belongings are safe and inaccessible to others when you are wearing the backpack.

3) Won’t my belongings fall out when I open the backpack?

No need to worry, once in the bag, your belongings are perfectly secure. The backpack is equipped with several pockets for you to store your bits and bobs, including your Beau Nuage umbrella. The shape of the opening has been specifically designed to been both spacious and ergonomic. 

4) How many pockets does the backpack have?

Inside the backpack you will find one large pocket, big enough for a up to a 11’’ laptop or tablet, as well as a small side pocket for your phone or wallet. There is also an elasticated band designed especially to secure your Beau Nuage umbrella!

5) What’s under the flap at the front of the bag?

It’s impossible not to notice the deisgn feature on the front of the bag. The avant-garde style is typical of the French designer Shani Ripert. But then, what’s under it?
Just the beautiful bag! Any ill-meaning person wanting to steal your belongings will be disappointed after lifting up the flap to find nothing, and all of your treasures will be safe.

6) What are the dimensions and the capacity of the backpack? Can my laptop fit inside?

The backpack Le Citadin is 33cm high and 25cm wide, with a maximum capacity of approximately 10L. Any small laptop or tablet up to 10’’ will be able to fit inside the bag, as well as your other essentials.

Laptop or tablet wont fit? Don’t worry, you can find Le Voyageur a bigger backpack.

7) What is the bag made of? Do the materials contain animal products?

The main material of the backpack is a reworked microfiber from our umbrella’s canopy combined with a rigid and waterproof material.

The straps, the handle and any decoration are made from a high quality imitation leather.

Lastly, the lining of the bag is made from foam, which is covered with a smooth and silky polyester with our classic Beau Nuage pattern.
Our Beau Nuage backpacks materials are 100% vegan. As Charles Darwin said, ‘’Love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man’’

8) Will my Beau Nuage umbrella fit into the backpack ?

Of course it can! We could not have designed a backpack without finding a way to include our beautiful umbrella.

Inside the backpack you’ll find an elastic band designed especially to secure our umbrella (whether it is Le Mini, L’Original or L’Automatique).

9) Is the Beau Nuage backpack unisex?

We designed our Beau Nuage backpack with people in mind and not gender. Since its release, everyone loves it.

10) Why are the backpacks produced in France?

Designed in Lyon, model making in Valence, product development and manufacturing near Saint-Etienne, our backpacks have been made with love in the Loire region.

That’s rare for backpacks (the majority of backpacks are made in Asia) and we’re very proud of it!

Our ambition is to reinvent the classics of rain accessoires using style and innovation as well as a made in France touch!

Unfortunately our umbrellas are not yet made in France as we do not have the means to create our own factory (and there are no umbrella frame factories in France anymore), but the backpacks are made in France and other Beau Nuage accessories will be in the future! Owning a Beau Nuage, not only benefits you, it is also supporting local businesses!

11) How is the delivery made and how long does it take? Do you deliver in every country?

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll prepare your Beau Nuage backpack with love. We want to pamper them a bit before they leave…

Then, our transportation service (Royal Mail) will bring them to you quickly, knowing that time is running out until the next rain comes! Most of the deliveries take 2 to 3 working days, 5 working days maximum in France and in Europe.
Even though they’re proud to be French, our Beau Nuage have volunteered to protect the belongings of every person in the world against rain. We thus deliver to every part of the world*!

*We do not ensure delivery in the whole universe though, as rain does not exist beyond our atmosphere. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

12) In terms of product diversification, why did you decide to make backpacks?

As you know, we are the rain accessories brand and therefore we aim to bring all kinds of accessories linked to the rain to the market. With Beau Nuage people are going to (finally) love the rain!

Our first mission was to make sure that rain does not make you wet anymore. This is why the Beau Nuage umbrellas came to life!

We then decided that we wanted your belongings to be dry. This is why the Beau Nuage backpacks came to life!

What will be the next step? A raincoat?

13) Why do you always wish us rain?

Simply because at Beau Nuage, we love the rain! And we want to make your rainy days happier and colourful so that you love the rain too!

14) What if I have other questions?

Our team is here to answer your questions every working day, from 8am to 5pm, and cheerfully!

By phone : +33 1 55 42 73 91 (price of an international call)
By email :

NB. You can also call us to talk about the weather, we’d love that.