Quiz: Are you a pluviophile (rain lover)?

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Quiz: Are you a pluviophile (rain lover)?

What are the psychological traits of a pluviophile?

Everyone has their favourite season for different reasons. For example, people like summer for the sunshine, the summer holidays and the happy summer memories. Others love the winter for the snow, cosy times spent by the fireplace, and the comfortable oversized sweaters.Some people love the rain, also known as pluviophiles, these people are happy when it rains! Are you a pluviophile? Try this test to find out.

Playing in the rain

Watching the rain fall sometimes feels like you’re falling back into your childhood. You are reminded of your younger years when you and your friends played around, jumping into puddles with full-force. Back in those days, you found it funny to have wet hair and clothes. It was all fun and games in the rain! Have you ever had the pleasure to stand dripping wet in a warm tropical and sensual downpour? Did you enjoy getting do frenched in just a few minutes? Did you use the opportunity to declare your love for your partner?

Take off your favourite clothes

You have an impressive wardrobe, filled with pieces for all seasons no doubt, but do you have outfits dedicated to rainy days? Some people love collecting boots, hoods, raincoats and other clothes for rainy days. They also can’t look away when they find a nice Beau Nuage umbrella. Do not be gloomy in bad weather, just take out your best clothes.

Water is life

Do you spend a large portion of your life in your bathroom? There is nothing better than a nice warm bath, right? A good, invigorating shower is even able to wake you up. Water is amazing for the skin. All cells in our body need water to survive and regenerate. Our skin needs to be hydrated to keep its suppleness, its radiance and to slow down its aging.

Change of mood, awakening of the senses

Rain can have a strong impact on your mood and that of those around you. Some people automatically get depressed, filled with negative thoughts. Other people on the contrary, enjoy being in warmth whilst the sky pours down. And other people enjoy going out into the rain, loving the idea of not having to water their plants or their gardens, appreciating the freshening of the atmosphere… they might have even been hoping for it to rain! Rain is beautiful to watch! Pluviophiles love seeing rain fall, to see the sky darken, clouds filling the sky. Even the biggest painters have created work featuring busy magnificent skies. Rain awakens most of our senses, and not just our vision and sense of touch. Rain also has a scent. After rain, the smell of soil and plants are magnified. The rain drops touching the ground also creates some music which grabs our auditory attention.There are many people who just like to hide under their covers when it is raining, it is one of the most effective and natural sleeping pills. The sound of rain drops, like a metronome, has a calming effect, soothing, which helps us fall asleep.

Test your ‘pluviophility’

So, are you a pluviophile? Just answer these 7 questions to find out.

1. Do you like playing in the rain? Yes/No

2. Do you have a special wardrobe for rainy days? Yes/No

3. Are you addicted to long showers? Yes/No

4. Does rain improve your mood? Yes/No

5. Do you like the smell of rain? Yes/No

6. Do you fall asleep easier when it rains? Yes/No

7. Do you like watching it rain? Yes/No

If the majority of your answers were yes, you are definitely a pluviophile. You like water, air, life… and rain! While some fear the bad weather, you find yourself, it makes you happy. For you rain is beautiful, it washes and erases everything away and allows for a new start from scratch. It means you can bring out your favourite rainwear and your beautiful umbrellas..

If the majority of your answers were no, don’t worry! Clearly you aren’t a pluviophile. You don’t like being wet, and rain makes you sad. Beau Nuage has the solution for you, choose one of our lovely umbrellas with a beautiful colour to brighten up your everyday life and resist the weather’s outbursts.

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Beau Nuage eco-friendly umbrella


Beau Nuage  patented absorbent cover


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  • The Beau Nuage absorbent cover absorbs the raindrops and hold them with a patented three-layers technology. The inner "absorption" layer is composed of a microfiber fabric able to retain up to 200 times its weight in water.  There is an intermediate layer under the inner one. This layer is made of a water repellent fabric and has a dual function : not only does it enable the outer layer to stay dry by preventing the rain drops from coming through, it also attracts the water towards the microfiber layer in order to ventilate it and dry it effectively. Lastly, the outer layer is a thick umbrella fabric (200threads/in2) with a Teflon® covering which makes it waterproof. It thus prevents raindrops from leaking. In short, you can put your Beau Nuage umbrella into a bag or a pocket and keep it dry!

  • Yes, the Beau Nuage umbrella is eco-friendly! As of September 2020, we have decided to go the extra mile for the environment by designing all the canvases of our umbrellas and covers from recycled plastic bottles. The rPET® material we use is certified by the international organization Control Union. This assures you that your next Beau Nuage umbrella and its cover will have given a second life to a plastic bottle that would otherwise have polluted a beach or an ocean somewhere in the world. In addition to this step, from the start, we have taken measures to protect the environment. For example, the protection of and access to safe drinking water is crucial for a healthy planet. This is why we are very happy to be partners of the Solidarités International association, which has been fighting for more than 35 years for access to drinking water for all. Since June 2019, we donate to this association for each cloudy product ordered on our site. Each product ordered represents an average of 12 hours of access to drinking water for a household! In addition, we eliminate waste by donating all of our unusable Beau Nuage to the Nice Foundation. There, they are sorted by people in professional reintegration and volunteers. The overly damaged umbrellas are then recycled, to minimize the damage to our planet.

  • Yes it is! A Beau Nuage umbrella is inseperable from its cover and the other way around. Even Le Gentleman has its own absorbent cover that enables you to carry it over the shoulder! If you ever spot a Beau Nuage without its cover, contact us quickly…

  • The Beau Nuage umbrellas are built with innovating materials, both flexible and robust. These materials make our umbrellas more resistant and enjoyable than any others. The shaft is made of aluminium and steel so that it is not too heavy (only steel) nor too fragile (only aluminium). Likewise, the ribs of our umbrellas are made of flexible materials, like fiberglass, but very strong, stainless ones for the junction between the ribs, where we favoured nickel for its strength and aesthetic. Our canopies have 200 threads/in2 and are thicker than average (180 threads/in2) and the ribs and canopies are both handmade. Last but not least, our unique Beau Nuage cover, unique, allows you to know where your umbrella is at all times since you can always keep it in your bag ! In that way, the Beau Nuage umbrellas last much longer than others!

  • As of September 2020, all the canvases of our umbrellas are made out of recycled plastic bottles.  The rPET® material we use is certified by the international organisation Control Union. This assures you that your next Beau Nuage umbrella and its cover will have given a second life to a plastic bottle which would otherwise have polluted a beach or an ocean somewhere in the world. 

  • It depends! Le Mini and L’Original have a manual opening whereas L’Automatique and Le Gentleman have an automatic opening. Better still, the aptly named L'Automatique also has an automatic closing. The automation is a wonderful feature that allows you to open and close your umbrella iwith the most ease. But to be of good quality, like the Beau Nuage Automatique, this technology requires a stiff spring. It is thus primarily suitable for the robust and larger umbrellas, like Le Gentleman. That’s why we’ve favoured excellent quality manual openings for Le Mini and L’Original so that these two umbrellas are compact and easy to carry.

  • As we said previously, the Beau Nuage cover is able to retain up to 200 times its weight in water. Nevertheless, we advise you to thoroughly dry the umbrella before placing it back in its absorbent cover. It is recommended that you turn the cover inside out and leave the umbrella open to facilitate drying.

  • After heavy rain, we advise you to let your Beau Nuage cover and umbrella dry at home, like any other accessory subjected to rain. It will prevent any corrosion of your umbrella. If your absorbent cover is dirty, you can wash it, either by hand or in the washing machine, in delicate mode and at 30°C, without softener. Lastly, if your umbrella is wrinkled, you can iron it to make it look as good as new! To do so, you only need to open it and gently apply the steam for the iron on each parts of the canopy, one by one.

  • The technique for opening your Beau Nuage depends entirely on the model you have purchased! Did you choose l'Original? To open it, all you have to do is slide the mast upwards until it stops, without pressing the button. To close it, press the button then retract the mast by hand by pressing on the top of the umbrella. Have you selected le Mini? To open it, simply slide the mast until it stops. To close it, you just have to do the opposite. For l'Automatique, just press the button to open it. To close it, you must also press the button then retract the mast by hand, pushing on the top of the umbrella. Finally, for our majestic Gentleman, all you have to do is press the button to open it. However, it is closed manually. Store it in its absorbent cover head first so that you can take it out by holding it by the handle. For all models, after use, it is advisable to turn the absorbent cover over and leave the umbrella open to facilitate drying! 

1 product ordered = 12h of access to clean drinking water.
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