10 rules for using umbrellas

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10 rules for using umbrellas

It’s raining, grab your umbrella! But to survive in the city, there are some guidelines to follow

The rain, the trampling crowd, the puddles, the dripping umbrellas… we have all been there. So, if everyone does their part, the day is much more pleasant. When the atmosphere becomes humid, the context changes and so does everyone’s behaviour, as much on the sidewalks as on the underground. Here is our survival guide.

In the 18th and 19th century, the umbrella was a luxury item and a symbol of social class. As such, its use was accompanied by a certain style, as much for ladies as for Gentlemen . The traditions have since been quite forgotten, and when it rains today, it’s each man for himself!

In essence, the umbrellas enlarge our personal space and therefore the space we take up on the street or elsewhere. It’s mostly common sense. So, let's look at the principles of past generations and adapt them to our daily lives:

1. Choose an umbrella size that is adapted to your personality and the context. If you prefer performance over anything else, choose l’Automatique.

2. The large umbrellas can be shared with a partner, a friend or anyone of your choice… you could even do meetings! Otherwise opt for a smaller model… why not our mini or l’Original?

3. Wait till you are outside to open your umbrella, it’s both more polite and less dangerous for others

4. In the same way, close your umbrella as soon as you are inside

5. Using your phone and holding an umbrella at the same time creates the risk of collision with vehicles, passers-by or other things on the street. If you have to read an email or a text message, it’s wiser to stop walking! It’s also a good time to visit our online umbrella store

6. Always look around you before shaking your umbrella, you could accidentally splash everyone with water… except if you have a Beau Nuage umbrella whose canvas is water repellent and whose absorbent cover keeps your umbrella dry

7. On public transport be careful not to soak other passengers, ideally place it on the ground if you have a seat

8. when you come across someone who is smaller, lift your umbrella so as not to poke their eyes out

9. Even during heavy rain, don’t hold your umbrella too close to your line of sight… you must see what is going on in front of you to avoid any accidents

10. When leaving, take YOUR umbrella, not the one you like the look of… although this only really happens to those that don’t have a Beau Nuage umbrella…

Now, you know everything, so may the rain be with you!

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