Why is an umbrella that flips inside-out a quality umbrella?

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Why is an umbrella that flips inside-out a quality umbrella?

You often hear people say “my umbrella breaks, it’s not strong, it’s rubbish”. However, this is a completely false idea that is believed by most people. And we are going to explain why an umbrella that breaks is a quality umbrella.

What umbrellas and the wings of an airplane have in common:

To start off, we are going to do a direct link between the umbrella and the wings of an airplane. You must be thinking they don’t have anything in common… And yet they do have one thing in common! Let us explain: like those people that say their umbrella isn’t strong because it is easily broken by the wind, many people are also worried about the wings moving or even deformation of the wings of an airplane during a flight. They say “The wings are moving, this plane isn’t strong, we are all going to die!”. So, what they have in common is this: unsupported fears. In fact, the wings of an airplane have to move, or even bend, solely to ensure they don’t break in case of shocks. Instead of being completely rigid, the wings of a modern airplane are designed to function like springs. The wings of an airplane should be imagined like the shock absorbers in a car, when you go over a bump, they absorb most of the impact, making the journey smoother. If the wings of an airplane were rigid, the smallest turbulence would have a repercussion on the whole aircraft, not to mention that the plane could break and crash.

The link between buildings and umbrellas:

Now, let’s consider this detail: during an earthquake, concrete cracks and breaks while wooden structures remain stable. In Japan, for example, many buildings have survived for centuries in regions which have the most activity in the world in terms of tectonic plate movement. Why? Simply because wood can bend instead of break. It is resistant yet light at the same time so much so that, the tremors in an earthquake release much less energy in wood frames. This is also the reason why earthquake-resistant building designers strive to make structures more flexible instead of making them resist vibrations by making them more solid. It is not the vibrations that cause breaks, but the inability to cushion the blows. This is also why the frames of umbrellas must be both solid and flexible like these wooden buildings.

Umbrellas must be able to flip inside-out

So, you have now understood with the previous examples, that making an object flexible allows it to not break from the slightest impact. We must understand that an anti-folding umbrella will be an umbrella that will not resist against the wind. For an umbrella, it is very important to be able to close back, it is a guarantee of quality and resistance against the wind.

The ribs of an umbrella must be flexible and the joints quite solid to allow the umbrella to flip back in case of strong gusts of wind, instead of it fully breaking. To design the ribs of an umbrella with only rigid materials like steel, for example, is not a good idea, because the joints will be under a lot of tension when the wind blows and it will break much quicker. If, however, your umbrella is able to flip inside-out sometimes, this can help prevent you from flying away like Mary Poppins and also from having to buy a new umbrella after the slightest gust of wind.

That is why umbrellas that can flip inside out are good quality, strong, aerodynamic and innovative umbrellas. The frames of Beau Nuage umbrellas, for example, are designed to be flexible and robust at the same time. it is important for the joints to be very strong, as these are the parts that break most often. Our joints are made from stainless nickel rivets. The frames, however, must be sufficiently flexible to not put too much tension on the joints. To do this, we use strong yet light materials like aluminium and fibreglass especially.

No more unsupported fears for you from now on! You will no longer be scared to see the wings of your plane to London bend during the flight, you’ll build your next house with wood and before you buy your next umbrella, you’ll check to see if it flips well.


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