Can an umbrella be eco-friendly?

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Believe it or not, the umbrella industry creates a lot of waste. Low-quality umbrellas that break after the first use go straight to the landfill. Even more problematic are the disposable plastic covers that stores hand out to you when it rains!


Plastic takes over 1,000 years to decompose. This creates an enormous strain on our planet. It can also kill or harm marine life and animals who choke on it or are unable to digest it. Here in Europe, there are fewer and fewer plastic bags at the supermarket, but most stores and hotels still provide their clients with plastic covers!


At Beau Nuage, we have eliminated the need for disposable plastic covers by creating a patented absorbent cover that you may reuse for years to come! It is much more effective in keeping your umbrella dry in your bag than a soggy plastic cover.


However, we have now taken things a step further by creating an eco-friendly umbrella! Our eco-friendly umbrella is made up of recycled plastic bottles. These bottles would otherwise have ended up polluting a beach or an ocean somewhere else in the world.


Not only are our umbrellas made of recycled materials, but they can be recycled too! We test 100% of our umbrellas, and those that do not meet our quality standards are immediately recycled.


Many parts of an umbrella can be recycled, such as the mast, which is turned into scrap metal. However, many umbrella companies have not committed to taking this step. Even though this is an extra effort, at Beau Nuage, we are committed to taking this step in order to help our planet that nourishes us with rain!


At Beau Nuage, we have made sure that it is possible to make an umbrella part of an environmentally conscious lifestyle. You don’t have to worry that you are creating waste when buying our umbrellas!

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