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If you are reading this, there is a good chance that, like us, you are rain lovers. On this blog, we like to talk about the rain and good weather, but especially the rain! Now that the holidays are coming, it is often an opportunity to get away from everything, to discover other cities, other countries, to change your everyday sunny life and find the joy of rain elsewhere!

So, we have decided to put together a short guide for you, fans of rainy tourism!

Countries shaped by the rain: The beauty of the monsoon

Let’s start with a little tour of the horizons of countries which are shaped and constructed by the rainy seasons. We promise you there will be plenty of rain! ‘Monsoon’ is a concept which was initially only used to describe India, but which is now used for other regions in the world too.

Besides the fact that you can experience the unleashed, sublime nature, there are several advantages of travelling during monsoon times! !
• Firstly, it influences the temperature in countries where it is otherwise unbearable, and allows you to see breath-taking exotic sights without having to suffocate from the heat..
• Furthermore, summer monsoons greatly favour the agriculture, so you’ll never see nature more green and healthy thanduring these periods.
• Finally, you can experience the phenomenon of warm rain! If you forget your umbrella, at least you can try what it’s like to have an outdoor shower (but not the kind of horrible icy showers that we would imagine in our western cities).

Now it’s our time to recommend rainy places to visit!

• From the origins of The Monsoon, go to India! We recommend the State of Kerala, and in particular the mountain range of Western Ghats! Close to the plateau of Deccan, the heart of Indian agriculture, and close to the Arabian Sea. A unique place, that is breathtaking in the rain.

• African Monsoons: these monsoons reveal fascinating landscapes; however, it is usually not recommended by travel agents. This is because it is the time of the year when temperatures peak and some regions become dangerous to pass through. So instead, here’s a picture to let you admire these showers without risking your life:

• Other monsoons can be found in South America, Oceania, and even North America... All of these monsoons are amazing to explore, as long as youdo your research on them!

Now something closer to home, the rain falls on Europe

If you are on a tighter budget, Europe has many destinations to offer that are just as rainy and enchanting! Certainly, some European regions in the west suffer from a bad reputation due to their bad weather, but it would be wrong to not consider the undeniable charm of these destinations.

These are all the Celtic countries, from Brittany and Cornwall, to the mysterious fields of Scotland, without forgetting the Irish landscapes! Our editor's favourites arethe following:

• The Ouessant Island in France gives the feeling that you are standing on the edge of the earth, on the corner of paradise where the wild sea and strong showers collide! The feeling of standing on the edge of land with the ocean close beneath you used to resemble an emotion almost like life and death, but fortunately for us, now we know how to brave the sea, and we are able to reach new lands for rain lovers, like those previously mentioned.

• “Drifting away, wave after wave, wave after wave”, the iconic song by Mr Probz and Robin Schulz might be stuck in your head as you watch the coast near Connemara lakes in Ireland. This mythical place becomes even more mystical as the the lines of rain connect the sky to the earth!

• Staying in Ireland, you can’t miss the cliffs of Moher, with its steep, untouched cliffs, blocking the raging sea, drenched by the most beautiful showers! It’s no surprise that this fantasy-likeplace has become the hot-spot for filming a whole range of movies like the famous ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.

But how can you organise your rainy trip?

Now that we have inspired you to go on a rainy trip, there’s only one thing left to consider, but it’s definitely a big one: how can you beat these torrential showers?When the k-way waterproof jackets, the bucket hat and other coats fail, we must once again thank umbrellas. ‘But why?’,you might ask.Well, because the k-way and the bucket hat aren’t very aesthetic and are hard to get rid of when wet, and let’s not forget that coats can take up a lot of space in our bags and suitcases which we would rather keep lightweight!

So why an umbrella? We have to clarify that you don’t just need any kind of umbrella. Firstly, for spaciousness, you have to choose a foldable umbrella. Then, for the aesthetics, you have to choose an umbrella with vibrant colours that can even brighten the darkest storms. Finally, for practicality, the Beau Nuage umbrellas have a unique element that makes all the difference: the absorbent cover.

But why is there an absorbent cover? To return the umbrella to dryness after it saved you from rain, storms or even monsoons, all you need to do is place it in its absorbent cover and let it dry peacefully in your bag without any risks! Currently, we have a patent which makes Beau Nuage the only brand in the world that sells these revolutionary covers!

Now that we have shared with you all our tips and tricks for travelling in the rain, with the best level of comfort possible, all we have left to do is to wish you “beaux nuages” (beautiful clouds)!


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