The Mini by Melissa Donne
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The english artist, Melissa Donne, revisits our umbrella Le Mini.

Le Mini is the smallest of the Beau Nuage umbrellas. It's a folding umbrella with exceptional value for money.

Measuring just over 18cm and weighing less than 250g, it is a mini umbrella, but it is strong enough to withstand the wind.

This season, Beau Nuage is highlighting the impact of rain on nature and more particularly on flowers.
For this, the artist Melissa Donne, revisits the cloudy universe of Beau Nuage by illustrating a poetic and ephemeral collection for all rain lovers!
Le Mini, Rain Flower carries a message, that of the importance of rain on the blooming of flowers in spring and summer. The rain running down the fabric allows the flowers to show all their beauty.

As for every one of Beau Nuage’s umbrellas, Le Mini is supplied with an absorbent cover, whose three-layers technology allows you to put your wet umbrella into a bag or a pocket and keep it dry.
Thanks to its wide range of colours, it can be classified as a woman's umbrella as well as a man's umbrella.

It is recommended to shake the umbrella well before storing it in its cover. After use, it is advised to turn the cover inside out and leave the umbrella open to facilitate drying.

NB. Each Beau Nuage umbrella has its own unique name! You can find it on the back of its label.

Folded umbrella size: 18,5cm
Weight of the umbrella inside the cover: 225g

umbrella features

The frames of our umbrellas are designed to be both flexible and sturdy. It is important that the joints are very strong because these are the parts that break most often. Our joints are made from stainless nickel rivets. On the contrary, the ribs must be flexible enough not to put too much stress on the junctions. To do this, we use strong and light materials such as aluminum and especially fiberglass. The mast of our umbrellas must be both light and robust, impossible to twist. We generally use steel and aluminum alloys to ensure both aspects.

Finally, our fabrics are much denser than average (200 threads / in2 instead of 180 or 190 on conventional umbrellas), which makes them more pleasant to the touch. They are also coated with a Teflon® coating: the drops slip on them without ever entering!

Our cover is made with triple-layer absorption technology, which is now a patented technology. The inner layer, known as the absorption layer, is a special microfiber fabric capable of absorbing up to 200 times its weight in water. The intermediate layer, known as the repulsion layer, is a perfectly waterproof material, whose role is twofold. It not only helps to keep the outer layer always dry, by preventing drops from passing through, but also constantly brings the drops back into the microfiber, allowing it to air out and therefore dry effectively. Finally, the outer layer is an umbrella canvas coated with a Teflon® coating, completely hydrophobic and pleasant to the touch.
cover features