Why buy a more expensive umbrella?

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An umbrella is an essential tool that protects you from the rain. There are millions of companies around the world that offer umbrellas of all sizes and colours. With so many options, it should be easy to find a cheap umbrella that works well and lasts for multiple uses, right? The answer is not as simple as you think.


How many times have you bought an umbrella that snaps with the first gust of wind? How many times have you bought an umbrella that pinches your fingers and doesn’t close properly? How many times have you brought an umbrella that soaks your wallet, phone, and metro card when you put it in your bag? All of these questions illustrate the dilemma of a cheap umbrella.


Compared to a cheap umbrella, a quality umbrella has many advantages. A quality umbrella has a water-resistant canvas, dense enough to repel it. Quality fabrics are coated with hydrophobic coatings, such as Teflon®, which allows drops to slide off. A high-quality umbrella also has a more sophisticated level of frame that prevents it from breaking in the event of that it turns over, as we explained in our article “The common link between airplane wings and an umbrella”. This is a very important point for the durability of the product.


In addition, better quality umbrellas also have more ergonomic and comfortable handles. This is the case, for example, on our umbrella the Original, which has a memory foam handle! Finally, on poor quality umbrellas, covers are of no use. They are even bulky. A good quality umbrella must offer a quality cover. Beau Nuage is the only brand to offer an absorbent cover to store your umbrella without getting your things wet.


Beyond all these technical aspects, the price difference between low-end umbrellas and mid-range or high-end umbrellas can also be explained by monitoring and quality control. A true umbrella brand has inspection and testing procedures in place on all of its umbrellas to verify that they all meet customer expectations. Beau Nuage is the only brand to test all of its products sent.


A high-end umbrella also comes in a variety of colors and designs to best meet the needs of the customer. Unlike a low quality umbrella, a high quality umbrella is not one-size-fits-all : it may be adapted to fit the needs of different types of customers! For instance, our Mini umbrella is perfect for a working professional to store in their purse when they are on the go, while our Gentleman umbrella is perfect for a man who wants to keep himself and his partner dry when it rains. Unlike a low quality umbrella, our umbrellas also come in many colours. We of course have a classic black color, but we have more vibrant colours for those who love to stand out, and keep things fresh by constantly releasing capsule collections with limited-edition patterns!

A high-end umbrella company also makes commitments and gives back to the community instead of only focusing on making a profit. For instance, at Beau Nuage, All the canvases of our umbrellas and our patented absorbent covers are made of recycled plastic bottles. In partnering with the organization Solidarités International, we have been donating a percentage of the revenue for each rainy product ordered on our website towards the mission of clean drinking water for all. Every umbrella bought provides 12 hours of access to drinking water for an entire  household! We also eliminate waste by recycling the umbrellas that do not meet our quality control standards.

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