What is our position on Black Friday?

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In anticipation of Black Friday, we would like to announce that Beau Nuage will not participate in this event. Instead, we will participate in the Green Friday movement. In fact, Beau Nuage wants to defend reasonable consumption at a fair price all year round.

As Green Friday says so well, the goal of Black Friday is to "always produce more, at a lower cost, with the sole objective of indiscriminate consumption". Beau Nuage has launched a new eco-friendly collection to fight against the polluting umbrella industry, so we do not want to participate in Black Friday.


Every year, the umbrella industry produces enough waste to create the Eiffel Tower 12 times over. Many umbrellas are made cheaply and break after a couple uses. They then are thrown in polluting landfills. Furthermore, the plastic covers that stores give out to customers are also extremely polluting and often end up clogging our oceans and poisoning marine life. Therefore, Beau Nuage does not wish to contribute to the habits of waste that Black Friday promotes.


A Beau Nuage umbrella is a quality umbrella that outlasts a cheap one many times over. There is no need to buy one every couple of weeks; this quality ensures that there is no need to overconsume our products. Our absorbent cover also eliminates the need for our clients to take a plastic umbrella cover every time they visit a store when it rains.


We hope you will join us in promoting sustainable consumption on this Green Friday!

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