What are the advantages of a small umbrella?

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A small umbrella is the perfect solution to many of the problems posed by a normal umbrella. A small umbrella is perfect for storing in a purse, briefcase, or bag that would not be able to fit a normal umbrella. For instance, our Mini, at only 18.5 cm, can be easily carried in a bag on the metro, on the street, or wherever you need to go!


At 185g, our Mini is also extremely light. This is another advantage of small umbrellas, since many umbrellas are heavy to hold. If you have a long walk in the rain or are carrying other belongings at the same time, having a light umbrella is essential. The weightlessness of a small umbrella is also perfect for children, the elderly, and those with arm injuries.


Finally, a small umbrella is advantageous because it takes up less space. Particularly if you are walking on a city street or a crowded street, there is often not enough room for two umbrella holders to walk past each other at the same time! Having a smaller umbrella means that it is easier to move around in crowded places without bumping into another umbrella holder!


Overall, small umbrellas are perfect because they are light, easily storable, and take up less space. They are perfect for people living in cities with limited space, people who are going out with small bags, and people that cannot hold up a normal umbrella. Our Le Mini meets all these requirements and comes in five quirky colors. Come discover it today!

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