Why an umbrella makes the perfect christmas present

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Christmas is almost here! Do you know what you are getting your loved ones? An umbrella is the perfect gift for your friends and family! At Beau Nuage, we have gift options for couples, families, and even for yourself!


This Christmas, we have introduced our Christmas Gift Boxes. You may choose between our Couple, Family, and Discovery Gift Boxes. For every Gift Box, your umbrellas will be wrapped in a magic pouch containing 2 surprise decorations for your Christmas tree!


Our magic pouches are also available to add to any individual order. At the moment of choosing your delivery option, for only 1,85 euro, you can wrap your Beau Nuage in this precious magic pouch! Our magic pouch is made of the same rPET material that our eco-friendly umbrella canvases and absorbent covers are made out of! It is also coated in Teflon to make sure that it is durable.


Our Gift Boxes are the perfect gift for family and friends because they allow you to match perfectly under the rain! Take your two Beau Nuage for a romantic couple’s stroll or bring your children to school each under a Beau Nuage. You can also discover the different models of our Beau Nuage with our Christmas Discovery Gift Box. We hope that whatever Gift Box you choose, it will make whoever receives the gift a lover of the rain this Christmas season!

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