Why should you choose a colourful umbrella?

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In the shops, most of the umbrellas you can find are black. 

When it rains, the days are darker, the light is very low and the abundance of black umbrellas accentuates this lack of light. This has a huge impact on our mood.


We need colour in our daily lives to be in a good mood, and even more when it rains, because colours help to compensate for the absence of sunlight.


If you adopt a red umbrella, a yellow umbrella or an orange umbrella, it will give you the light you need and make you feel good every day, whether it is rainy, windy or even sunny

parapluies jaune et rouge

As you know, Beau Nuage's objective is to make you feel happy on rainy days, thanks to our colourful umbrellas and their absorbent covers.

That's why since the beginning of the adventure we are constantly looking for new colours to add to our range.

After Lagoon Blue, Starlit Yellow and Sevilla Orange, what will be the next colour?


Be patient to find out...



May the rain be with you

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