Our tips for keeping your umbrella as long as possible

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An umbrella is an accessory that remains fragile and can deteriorate more or less quickly depending on its use and maintenance. 

Here are some tips to keep your umbrella in good condition for as long as possible.

Avoid taking it out during storms and very strong winds. You risk it blowing away or breaking.

 Do not leave it on the ground, for example, as it could be stepped on.

  Dry your umbrella thoroughly at home. This will prevent mildew and rusting of the parts.

Le Gentleman umbrella

As for our Beau Nuages, here are our tips on how to care for them.

After each rainfall, leave your umbrella open and your cover to dry in the open air. The cover helps to absorb water when you are on the move. But if you leave your umbrella wet for several days in your cover, mould may appear.

 You can put your absorbent cover in the washing machine, only at 30°C and on a delicate programme. Then dry it in the air, not in the tumble dryer.
It will then be as good as new!

washing machine

If your Beau Nuage is too crumpled, you can iron the fabric using the steam of an iron or ironer.

Avoid handling your Beau Nuage too roughly, especially when opening and closing it.

For our models Le Mini and L'Original, opening and closing is done manually.

For L'Automatique, make sure you use the button on the handle to open and close it. If you close your Automatique umbrella manually, the ribs may break very quickly, as they are not designed for this purpose.

Le Gentleman is a bit different, it opens automatically but closes manually.

Don't hesitate to share your tips with us! 

May the rain be with you... 


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