Beau Nuage invests every day in improving the quality of its cloudy products to guarantee excellence.


At Beau Nuage, we are committed to reinventing rain accessories with style and innovation. To do so, we have developed an eco friendly umbrella and a revolutionary absorbent cover to make your life easier when the rain is out. Made with patented triple-layer absorption technology, you can store your umbrella after use and keep it dry. The inner layer is a super absorbent microfibre fabric, capable of withstanding up to 200 times its weight in water. The mid-layer, perfectly waterproof, protects both the outer layer of the wet umbrella and draws water drops from it to the microfibre layer. Finally, the outer layer is an umbrella canvas coated with a Teflon® coating, completely hydrophobic and pleasant to the touch.


Our umbrellas are designed to be wind resistant and practical. We use innovative materials and work on every part meticulously, and all of our canopies are made of recycled plastic bottles. This attention to detail helps provide you with good quality umbrellas that are more comfortable to use and have a longer life than ordinary umbrellas. Our frames are designed to be both flexible and sturdy so they won't tip over at the first gust of wind. Depending on the different models and their specificities, we select fiberglass, steel or aluminum alloys to ensure the flexibility and strength of each umbrella. Finally, our fabrics are much denser than average (200 threads / in2 instead of 180 or 190 on classic umbrellas), which makes them more pleasant to the touch. They are also coated with a waterproof Teflon® coating that prevents drops from entering the canvas.


Like all umbrellas around the world, our Beau Nuage are made in Asia, the only continent today to have umbrella frame factories. We visit our factory on site very regularly in order to continuously improve production processes and refine our Beau Nuage until they leave! To guarantee the excellence of our umbrellas, in addition to cutting-edge product development, we carry out systematic quality control on each umbrella upon arrival in France. Currently, almost all of our Beau Nuage umbrellas and covers are inspected and tested! This significant work is carried out in partnership with the ESAT foundation in Antibes. Products that do not meet our requirements are donated to the Fondation de Nice, thus avoiding any waste and benefiting those in need.